Have you ever felt like you were vague or wishy-washy in explaining how you help people with your business? 

Imagine… when you cannot explain what you do, how can you expect your customers to recognize you in the crowd of big and small brands vying for their attention. 

You may notice that it’s easier to explain from a broad perspective but the real struggle begins in narrowing it down.

If you sometimes feel unclear about what to say or where are you heading in your business, you probably have a niching problem. Many entrepreneurs across the globe who follow their calling skip the step of figuring out their niche and end up being lost. 

Speaking from personal experience, clarity of self goes a long way in aligning and landing on a niche that works for you. This is something I realized when I started to talk more about my own experience as an individual entrepreneur.


Niching helps you determine a crisp marketing strategy and ensure a higher success rate than you would see with mass marketing. When youserve a niche audience, their requirements are specific and thus it becomes easier to delight them rather than trying to please everyone in the masses. 

If your purpose is to build a solution for a very specific person, you can build it with a distinct, step-by-step plan. This allows your customer to take the right steps and get the results they seek. 

On the other hand, if you are building a general solution to please all kinds of people, the steps are going to be general and you can’t guarantee them mind-blowing results.

Adam G. Force

When you narrow your focus and narrow your niche, it becomes easy, viable, and doable to create a new product, to launch a new offer, to integrate new marketing strategies because your are clear in the purpose of each decision you make to do the same.. 


Imagine that one little drop of blue food coloring holds all of your time, your money, your energy, and the opportunity to make a change in the world. If you take that one little drop and drop it into the ocean, is the ocean water going to turn blue? No. It’s going to stay the same. That little drop disappears and so does your opportunity, money, effort, and energy. 

But, If you take that same drop of food-coloring-energy and drop it into a little glass of water, it’s going to become bright blue.

That’s the difference finding your niche can reflect in your business. It’s visible and it’s contained when it’s directed to a smaller audience. This focus allows your efforts to yield that much more  impact. 

For example: if you are a baker who sells ‘cookies’, your business will not stand out from the crowd. There are one hundred bakers in the city and chances are there is nothing too noticeably different about your plain cookies from the next box of chocolate chip cookies customers can find on every corner. Instead, imagine a bakery that specializes in delicious gluten-free cookies People who really want gluten-free cookies will seek out and it will surely stand out in the crowd of ninety-nine other bakeries. 


A good sign is when people can introduce you and they know exactly what you do. When someone else can tell your story then you are pretty clear. There is no vagueness anymore! 

It is natural for individuals to struggle initially in the quest of finding their niche but that is where mentors come into the picture. In my opinion, the more an entrepreneur talks to other entrepreneurs, networks with consumers and discusses with mentors, the easier it gets to narrow down and figure out what the niche truly is. 

So it is okay if you haven’t found your niche, keep going towards it. Remember, the clearer you are about yourself and the journey, the easier it gets to find your niche!

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