Since quitting my safe corporate banking job landed out of University, I’ve been making risky or unconventional decisions in the name of finding my own meaningful career and building a life that I love.

It started with a half-baked business plan and an application to a world-class startup accelerator in Latin AmeriCa

After being selected and moving across continents, it continued with the decision to not do downtown-suit-life upon my return home 6-months later. 

And it was reinforced with every decision to launch multiple partnership programs, coach for local accelerators, host customized trainings for nonprofits across North America, and write for Acumen Academy, the world’s school for social change.

So while I'm ‘living the dream’ of a career driven by purpose and impact

(And I really am, by the way!)

As I get closer to the age that my mom fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I reflect to understand what got me to this blessed life: 

I see the courage and trust but also the sheer tenacity that got me here. 

This brings me full-circle
to my 7-year-old self

 The little girl who came home after school to a quiet house and watched TV 10 inches from the screen so the volume could be as low as humanly possible so as not to wake my sleeping mom upstairs. 

For 7 years, as a mother-daughter team we danced through pain, worry, stress, fatigue, tears, and uncertainty. But in that swirl, we also found solidarity in our resolve to keep going. To keep going in spite of teenage angst for wearing second-hand clothes and skipping expensive outings to watch pennies; and above all, in spite of knowing if ever my mom would regain her energy to work again. 

From this unusual upbringing, I learned to be patient, supportive, empathetic, calm, and tenacious as hell. There was no giving up. There was only giving. Giving encouragement, support, optimism, and solutions.

And so as I grew up, I kept giving. Giving time and attention to causes that needed volunteers, and tirelessly showing up. To find solutions to make other peoples’s lives easier: the epitome of entrepreneurship. Working hard for little compensation. “End of a workday” being an elusive goal post that is never reached. 

With this perfect blend of optimism, tenacity, and work ethic, I’ve accomplished a lot. And I’ve lived a life of purpose.

And I’ve also realized the missing element of my purpose has been – my self.

Without a deep appreciation, respect, and care for ourselves in this wild ride of life, all of the outwardly ‘impactful activity’ we push into the world will be missing an essential ingredient. The soul of the work is exactly that: our soul. 

Bringing your soul into work in service of giving space to find and surface your truest self –– and then shine it brightly for all to see. 

And, perhaps paradoxically, that is where the most inspiring and valuable service is gifted to others. In shining your most authentic self, you unlock the most incredible talents and wisdom that is craved from others. 

As a bonus...

AS OTHERS see you in your fullest expression, not only do they gain from your gifts, but they gain permission to crack open the shell blocking their light, even if only a bit.

Most people are missing
this most critical element

of a purpose-driven life

While the status quo is selling the dream, and maps to point the way to your desired destination – hard-hitting executive with a secure retirement savings plan, family-forward parent with a white picket fence, free-spirited artist with no agenda – deep down, something feels off.

Because the illusion we live in is that store-bought maps will get us where we are trying to go, when in fact, finding our purpose is the act of charting the map itself. The map of your soul path.

I used to think that

could solve aNYTHING

But I know now there is more that's needed. After multiple projects that has all the potential in the world and did 'just enough' I know now there's more to the puzzle.

I’ve learned (correction = am still learning) that it's a dance between strategy and intuition, between learning and playing, and between proven frameworks and courageous moonshots.

And while there is no silver bullet, 
there is the most reliable and powerful source of all: you.

Your uniqueness, your inner call to be part of something new and be part of building a world that works better for all of us.

My mission is to help you unlock this most powerful part of yourself
as you stay on the path of creating change.

Finding your contribution to the world that brings you and others the greatest joy, fun, abundance and contentment!



Spirited Health is an initiative I co-founded with my mom to bring forward the lesser-talked about and all-important components of health = connection to spirit as a path for healing and wholeness.

Together, we have a book in development and a group coaching program on the topic of aging with purpose. Stay tuned for a virtual community exploring the intersection of her and my careers –– living a life of meaning, purpose-driven work, and finding wellbeing across our experience, not just physically, but also in the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

How This Relates to Your Messaging

Speaking your purpose is healing from pain and challenge. Giving voice to your inner experience makes sense of it so you gain the learning and move on. Living your purpose is the epitome of well-being. It will heal your physical and emotional pains and will prevent new ones from forming.


I lead content and course marketing strategy as a consultant with Acumen Academy, the world’s school for social change.



I co-founded this coaching program with Change Creator to help impact-driven entrepreneurs execute story-powered marketing to scale their businesses.


I co-founded this community with Solène Pignet of Creators for Good,  and served 100+ changemakers across 17 countries in their pursuit of building sustainable social enterprises.


I offered strategic consulting, coaching, and training for early-stage social entrepreneurs seeking to design businesses that served both social and/or environmental goals while maintaining financial sustainability.



To create something new. 

For this, you must be willing to be different, or do things differently. To me, courage is taking the leap to do what your heart knows is right, even if your head can’t yet see the end result.


In yourself, and in your path. 

Trust is balancing an unconditional belief in yourself and your abilities to create a life you love, with the deepest appreciation that your life unfolds exactly what you need for continuous learning and growth, even (especially) when it sucks. 


Of thought, strategy, and systems.

Innovation is discarding the traditional in favor of what works better. It’s unapologetically seeking new ways of thinking and acting to achieve results once considered impossible.


Where each individual is celebrated.

As each brings his or her strengths, and comes together to create a whole larger than the parts. Community is finding resilience in shared values and connecting across lines of difference to unlock the power to change the world.

Life is too miraculous for you to be anything less than thrilled about your path.

Tune into your life’s purpose and find the courage to share it widely –– for more peace, joy, abundance, and fun every day!



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