10 years offering speaking, workshops, coaching, and online courses to help social innovators grow.

“Danielle is a personable, dynamic and insightful speaker and expert presenter."

Regula Lewis

Project Officer, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Chui School of Business, Bow Valley College

SOCial enterprise workshops

“I attended Social Enterprises 101 which was facilitated by [Human Elements]. The course was one of the best that I’ve been to. It was exceptionally well facilitated. Both Matt and Danielle were approachable and friendly while still being very professional. Being new to the world of Social Enterprises I found that it was the perfect amount of information without being overwhelming. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in the sector or considering a Social Enterprise. 5 stars!” 

- Ryder Spence, Board Chair with Some Other Solutions

“Danielle was engaging, insightful and patient in her approach and helped these entrepreneurs articulate their path forward. 

I would highly recommend Danielle’s business model design workshop for anyone looking to make the leap into social entrepreneurship.”

Natalie Arseneau

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Innovate Calgary


“Danielle is a phenomenal person to have on your team! She listens to your needs, offering strong questions and good resources. She is not bossy or controlling and really lets you lead the journey. I would HIGHLY recommend working with her.”

Alexandra Diagnault

Founder, Sarjesa


coaching local social impact entrepreneurs

I had the immense pleasure of providing 1:1 weekly coaching for two 6-month long cohorts of the Thrive Business Accelerator, run by Momentum in Calgary, Alberta.

From businesses offering urban farm community share boxes , cider sourced made with local apples, coffee and tea businesses that work with directly with farmers, and more, it was never a dull moment supporting the growth of local impact businesses.

Creating online learning courses 

I developed two digital courses for Social Enterprise Institute –– on digital marketing for impact and leading collaborations that work.

Story-powered marketing program

I collaborated with Change Creator to launch the first hybrid training and coaching program for online entrepreneurs who wanted to take a stand with their brand and master story-powered marketing.

We supported dozens of entrepreneurs in clarifying their marketing messages and implementing a cohesive and compelling marketing strategy across their digital channels.

Community for changemakers

For two-years the founder of Creators for Good and I co-created a community for impact-driven entrepreneurs to level-up through group coaching and training. Our dozens of courses taught essential skills to set up the foundations of a social enterprise, refine offerings, and scale impact and revenue.

the early days

In 2022, I let go of this brand that first brought me to the world-renowned business accelerator, Start Up Chile in 2013. Since then, The Sedge provided free and low-cost educational content for social entrepreneurs plus a 'digital homebase' for my many collaborative projects and businesses. 

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