So, it’s official. team recently arrived to the bustling capital of Santiago, Chile.  The 20 degree weather in Alberta was contrasted upon arrival by nearly freezing, frigid air and impossibly early sunsets in the Andean mountains.


As if re-locating to the Southern Hemisphere wasn’t thrilling enough, the team was lucky enough to arrive in time to attend Santiago’s first ever SenseCamp.  SenseCamps are unconferences held by MakeSense – a non-profit organization that inspires people around the globe to turn their talents, skills and connections into unique superpowers to solve challenges of Social Entrepreneurs.  SenseCamps are gatherings that bring social entrepreneurs, social business enthusiasts and MakeSense gangsters (aka devoted volunteers) to discuss compelling social business topics and social innovation sessions called Hold-Ups.  For a run-down of the Hold-Up process, click here


Not only was this SenseCamp perfectly timed for us to plug into the social entrepreneurship community just days after arriving, but it was amazing to see and hear first-hand about the social innovation currently in the works in Latin America.


Aside from navigating the Spanglish format (which only presents an issue for ~1/3 of our team) the following familiar observations were made from over 10 thousand km’s from home:

1.  Social entrepreneurship geeks exist everywhere;

2.  Those mentioned in point 1 above have the same can-do entrepreneurial spirit we already know and love;

3.  A small group of passionate people who put their mind to something can pull together an amazing event with little-to-no resources;

4.  A mind for business and a heart for the world projects are alive and thriving in Latin America.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the cool projects we learnt about at SenseCamp.  Keep an eye out on blog for more updates on these projects.

Reforestemos Patagonia –
Los Libros Verdes –
Social Lab –
Exosphere –


Until next time, team