Lessons Learned In Year 1:

How to know when to leap full time into your impactful business. Go to post.

How to get your business noticed in the early days. Go to post.

Receiving Advice: What to Take In and What to Ignore. Go to post.

Creating Your Very First Offer, or MVP. Go to post.

Managing Co-Founder Relationships. Go to post.

Lessons Learned In Year 2:

How to Avoid an Ineffective Collaboration. Go to post.

4 ways to stay focused when you feel pulled in a million directions. Go to post.

Getting Support to Succeed: how to decide what you need and when you should invest in it. Go to post.

Tips for Running an Effective Online Course Pilot Program. Go to post.

How to Set Boundaries Even Though You Want to Get to Know Your Customers Inside Out. Go to post.


Lessons Learned In Year 3:


Growing a community with a Facebook group. Go to post.

The value of getting out of your bubble into a new environment. Go to post.

Lessons learned from self-publishing a book. Go to post.

Creating a CONTENT creating system you’re able to sustain with ease. Go to post.

Launch lessons – starting a second business. Go to post.



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